Our mission at Soul Motivation Records is to help you overcome your obstacles through music and community

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How to be happy

Ok I know the title of this blog post is a little big.  Really dude?  In 500 words you are going to tell us how to be happy?  Isn't that what millions of people have been trying to figure out for centuries?  Scholars have scholarred.  Poets have poetted.  And now you just finally cracked the code, huh?

Well, in so many words.  Yes.


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A Note From Our Founder...

Photo By Abbie Takes Pictures

Photo By Abbie Takes Pictures

I love music.  I have been a musician all my life, ever since I made my first drum set out of pots and pans as a child.  I use to be the kid who could never stop singing in the back seat of the car.  Who could never stop drumming his pencil on his desk in class.  But somewhere along the way, music became a job.  It wasn't fun anymore.  I was just playing cover songs to drunk people every night.  My life of playing music had become miserable.  I decided, no matter what it took, I would change my life.  I would find a way to make a living by creating the music I love again.  And find a way to help other people who are miserable find their way out as well.  That is when Soul Motivation Records was born.

Our Mission

To make music that helps.

Music touches us all on such an emotional level.  The power that music has to lift us up, inspire us to be our best, is unequaled by any other medium.  I want to use this power for good.  I want to offer hope and healing to those who feel neither is possible.

So check out my music.  Matter of fact, be sure to pick up your free song by clicking HERE!  Read some inspiring articles on my blog.  Or let me write you the perfect hand-crafted song for your brand!  But most importantly, be sure to say hi and tell me what I can do to make your life a little better today!

Chris Swan
Founder and CEO
Soul Motivation Records