Soul Motivation Records is a recording company based out of St. Louis MO. We are dedicated to making quality hip-hop and R&B music that inspires others to overcome their obstacles as well as showcasing the positive effects this music can have on the world.


Soul Motivation Records was founded by Chris Swan and launched on June 1st, 2017. After years of being a working musician, playing “Brown Eyed Girl” for a living and drinking all the alcohol in St. Louis, Swan decided he needed a change. The addiction was killing him and draining him of any energy to put toward creating original music. When he quit drinking, things started to become clearer. He realized he hadn’t been doing the one thing he was put on this earth to do and that was creating music that inspires people. That’s when Soul Motivation Records was born with the mission of creating hip-hop and R&B music that brings positivity and hope into people’s lives.

Our Mission

To help people overcome obstacles through music, apparel and community and to showcase the positive effects hip-hop music can have on the world.


To be a company that grows financially stronger and more influential in the world every day by creating music that helps other people to do the same.  To be a leading voice in the movement to bring more positivity into the hip-hop culture.

Chris Swan is an amazing musician and great human being overall. Even though he’s well-versed in a variety of musical styles, it’s his inspirational hip-hop that really shines. The way he has transformed his personal struggles into music that helps people get through difficult times is awe-inspiring. Motivate your soul with his music and message!
— Bob Baker (Author of Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook)
Five star experience! Knowledgeable musician leading fans through inspirational music.
— Gen Lobonc Billhartz (Founder of Shock City School Of Music)
Fresh, NEW music that uplifts the human spirit. Keep the new tunes coming guys!!!
— Joe Mancuso (Mancuso Jazz)
“Somehow he manages to be honest and revealing and still makes us comfortable.”
— Dave Siegel (Board of Directors of University City Symphony Orchestra)
“Chris Swan and Soul Motivation Records are living out #culturecare by creating #HipHopMusic to bring hope and healing in a culture that needs it.”
— Lee Brinckley (Artist)