What if you had your very own trademark song for your brand?

Imagine having a song with YOUR name in it.  A song with YOUR slogan in it.  A song that SOUNDS and FEELS like your brand.  A song that sets your story to music. 

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

We make custom made, original music for businesses that represents their brand and their vision.  This is how you take your brand to the next level.  This is how you truly connect emotionally with your customer!


We want to help make your next project an inspiring work of art!

Non-profit Organizations
We want to be a part of your story!

Marketing Directors
We want to help your brand stick out in a noisy marketplace and help your customer make an emotional connection with your product!

Event Planners
We want to help make your next event the talk of the industry!

Listen To Some Our Work:

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What are people saying about us?

I recently contracted with Soul Motivation records to produce a series of music beds for my company’s video productions. I must say, I am extremely happy with the results. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism and care, and my needs as a client were taken care of every step of the way. Response time was quick & communication was professional. Timely discussion was had to ensure that they understood our specific needs, and the product was delivered on time, as promised, and actually exceeded expectations. Soul Motivation Records is the perfect partner for content creators and video/music professionals looking for customized music solutions.
— Joe - Owner (HDPhysiques.com)
Soul Motivation Records has become an absolute go-to for me when custom music production is required. I recently needed a very specific piece of custom music created for a PR project, and what I received the next day was exactly what I needed, perfectly produced. Always professional, prompt, reasonably-priced, and most importantly: Incredibly Talented. I would recommend Chris and Soul Motivation Records to anyone who is in need of custom music production.
— Jim Manno - PR Manager (Soft Surroundings)
Chris and Soul Motivation Records were excellent to work with. He really took the time to listen to me and to understand the voice and the vibe of my company. The final product is dynamic and unique and very empowering. Just like my business. I would recommend using Soul Motivation Records to anyone who needs a one of a kind voice and sound for their event, business or program.
— LaRissa Deemer Paras - Founder (The Lotus Project)

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What Makes Us Better Than All The Other Song Licensing Sites Out There?

  • This is NOT just the same old generic, stock song website.  We offer unique music that is not available on any other music licensing sites!
  • We offer pre-made music bed packs as well as custom made music created to meet your exact specifications and match the vision of your project!
  • We write lyrics too!  We can make a full-length song that matches your brand.  We call these "Theme Songs!"
  • Super simple one-time licensing.  One simple licensing agreement and you are done for life!  You will have full use of the song FOREVER, no limitations and no need to ever renew!
  • No hidden fees.  Royalty free.  No extra "service" fees.  No renewal fees.
  • If you purchase an exclusive agreement, it's your song(s) and yours alone!  No one else will ever be sold a license to use your song(s).
  • We save you time by taking care of all musical aspects of your project.  Mixing, Mastering, Editing:  We've got you covered so you can focus on the rest!
  • We do not recquire you to credit us in your videos.
  • Need voice-over work on your track?   No problem.  We do that too at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • You get to contribute to your song(s)!  You can suggest lyrics, words to include, song style, structure and more!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  For Music Bed Pack customers, listen to samples of all the songs in the pack to make sure you like and can use the music in your projects before purchasing.  For custom made music orders, you don't pay us until you love your song(s)!
  • Quick turnaround!  Most songs are finished within 10 business days or less!

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