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Glossy Soul is Chris Swan’s instrumental side project. Most people would call it smooth jazz, but around here we call it “Inspiring Hip-hop Piano Jazz.”




Glossy Soul is a smooth jazz piano project created by Chris Swan, who calls it "hip-hop piano jazz" music.

"I've always wanted to do a smooth jazz record.  I have been a big fan of smooth jazz for years but never pursued doing a record in this genre.  If you listen to my hip-hop music, there is a lot of smooth jazz influence in there.  I've always loved that about my original music.  But finally, I decided it was time to do a straight up, smooth jazz record.  So Glossy Soul was born!"

"Music To Succeed To" was the first album by Glossy Soul released on Soul Motivation Records in November of 2017.  


“Just got your album and started to listen. The song Agree Two Agree has a very clever song progression/arrangement. I really liked the first song as well. Some good stuff so far. Pop Tone has some really cool synth solo stuff in it.”

“Listening again. Such a great tune.”

"It is fantastic! Fresh and innovative!"

“I’ll have to get that album! Lovin’ the beat! WHAM!”

“Tracks I heard are majestic!”

“So how about that song is a complete ‘lituation!!’ That’s my daughter’s word when something is straight fire! It is absolutely incredible! I love it!!!”

“Dude I’m listening to the samples of Glossy Soul on Soundcloud! Dude it’s AWESOME!!! Killer job!!!! I can’t wait to hear the whole album!”


Glossy Soul is not currently performing live.  If you are interested in seeing Glossy Soul live, however, let us know!  Just click here to leave us a message!