The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes

Are you a fighter?  We all have one inside of us.  Sometimes it just takes the right song to bring it out.


When I decided to start a company that does motivational music, I started researching other bands and artists that make that type of music.  Enter the Gym Class Heroes.  I was really surprised, but it turns out this band and Travie McCoy, in particular, has a lot of songs with the underlying message of overcoming the odds and reaching your potential.  I am like a lot of other people out there.  I just knew the one or two hits they had on the radio.  Who knew they had all this uplifting stuff to share with the world?  That is the kind of band that I want to hang out with.  I hope this lifts you up and reminds you of the fighter you have inside you.

Give 'em hell!

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