Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder

I love the 80's!  I had some of my best years in the 80's.  Growing up, wearing parachute pants, french rolling my jeans.  Ok, don't ask to see any pictures.  But some of my favorite music is from the 80's.  There was so much color and life in the music then.  So much optimism and hope.  And even though the production was kind of cheesy sometimes, the message was great.  And this one is no exception.  


"Break My Stride" is a song performed by American artists Matthew Wilder.  It was released in 1983 as the lead single from his debut album, I Don't Speak the Language, and became a major hit single for him in 1983 and 1984.

If you need to be reminded of how awesome you are today, just the way you are, this is the song to do it.  Don't break your stride baby!

Lost?  Not sure where to go next?