You're Rich! (And You Don't Even Know It)


You are rich.  Did you know that?  Like filthy, stinking rich.  If you live indoors, you're rich.  If you have a bed to sleep on at night, you're rich.  If you can afford heat in your home, you're rich.  If you have indoor plumbing, you're rich.  If you ate today, you're rich.  If you have a dollar in your pocket, you're rich.  Your one-bed apartment is a palace!  You live in a mansion!  Did you know that?

There are millions of people in the world who have no home, no bed, no heat, no food, no dollar.  

That makes you one of the elite.  You are wealthy.  Somehow along the way through all of life's struggles, you have forgotten that.  We all do.  We are constantly wanting for what we don't have, yet we have so much already.  More than we could ever use.  If you want to feel rich, learn to be content with what you have.  Your life is amazing and you don't even know it.  You are free.  You are fed.  You are warm.  You are rich. 

You are a king or a queen.  Ruling from on high, waving your expensive bus pass for all to see, dining on only the best foods that Shop 'N Save has to offer.  You are entertained nightly by this exclusive club called Netflix that you watch on your magic movie screen that you have right in your house!  And when you have had enough of all your luxuries, your private room awaits with a fluffy, warm bed only fit for royalty and you get to drift off to thoughts of the amazing life you get to live. 

So take a minute to truly appreciate the amazing life you have.  Look around at all your riches and be thankful.  But remember to rule on high with compassion and love.  Never forget the ones who don't have these things.  Help those who are less fortunate.  Be generous with all that you have.  And you may just start to truly appreciate the extravagant life you get to live!