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Everything's Alright From Jesus Christ Superstar

Live TV at it's best!


I am a sucker for musicals, especially Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals.  So when I heard they were doing a live version of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC with John Legend and Sara Bareilles, I was in.  I expected it to be decent but was actually blown away by how amazing it was!  The set was awesome, the cinematography was off the charts and the performances were spot on!  I loved it.  But the biggest take away for me was that I had forgotten how great the songs were in Jesus Christ Superstar.  Especially this one.  I love the simple melody and encouraging message of "Everything's Alright."  And although it's a song sung to Jesus at a stressful time in His life, I think it's a song that can encourage us all at a stressful time in ours.  Simple and sweet, the message rings true...

Everything is alright, everything's fine.

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