The Formula For Success

The internet is full of liars.  Some are telling huge lies like "We can show you how to lose 60 pounds in just seven days!" or "Become the next marketing guru for only $19.95/mo!"  Some are telling little white lies like only showing the amazing photos from their last vacation on Facebook.  Where are the photos of when your car broke down or when little Timmy had a hissy fit at the Grand Canyon?  We all do it to some extent.  We have been telling lies since the beginning of time and surely we are not going to completely stop now.  After giving this some thought, however, I think there are two main motivations for telling lies on the internet:

1.  To make people like us
2.  To make money

The first one is a basic human need.  We need to be loved, desired and respected.  Instead of assuming people will just like us for how awesome we are, we start telling people what they want to hear.  We embellish the details of our stories to make people look up to us.  To make people say "Wow!  This guy is amazing!"  And if they think we are amazing, they will like us.  Right?  I have been guilty of this in the past.  But as I get older, I realize I really want people to like me because they know who I truly am.  They know my true feelings, my values, my victories and my failures and they choose to like me because of all those things.  The people I respect the most, are the ones that are the most transparent and even vulnerable at times.  When we see the humanity in others, that is when we truly connect.  So if you want people to like you, be genuine.  Be honest.  Be vulnerable.  I think the real word is be "authentic."  If you do this, they will follow you anywhere.

The second reason people tell lies on the internet is to make money.  Look, we all like money.  I didn't start Soul Motivation Records to lose money.  It's a business that I want to be financially successful.  There is nothing wrong with that.  The problem arises when we adopt the mentality of "I will do whatever it takes to make money."  That quickly turns into false promises and misleading advertising all in the name of a quick buck.  But what have you got after the money comes in?  You have a bunch of disappointed customers.  You have been part of the problem and not truly part of the solution.  And what is the point of that?  The way to be truly successful is to offer actual value.  No lies.  No empty promises.  Just deliver real value to people.  It's that simple.  If you want to make money, focus on helping people first and the money will come.  

Now, take these two lessons and add in "consistency" and you have the formula for success.  We can all be genuine when it feels good.  We can all occasionally deliver some value.  But the key is to do these things consistently.  Everyday.  Day after day.  Month after month.  Year after year.

Authenticity + Value + Consistency = SUCCESS

You do not have to be an internet liar.  Show the world who you truly are.  Show them what they can truly be.  And always show up in the first place.  I guarantee you will like the results!

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