david benoit

Top 10 Smooth Jazz Pianists

I have been a fan of smooth jazz since college.  That feels like years ago now.  Oh yeah, it was a lot of years ago, I guess.  Anyhoo, I remember when I started listening to smooth jazz.  It was overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.  Who should I listen to?  Who are the great artists?  Who should I avoid?  I don't want to waste my time with lame artists, right?  Obviously, the best thing to do is just to dive in and find what you like.  But where do you start?

I got you covered.  Here is a list of my 10 favorite smooth jazz pianists.  I'll also include some key tracks and albums to start you out on your smooth jazz journey.  So light a candle.  Dim the lights.  And get ready to groove with the best of the best!


Gregg Karukas

Key Tracks:  Soul Kisses, Manhattan, Blue Touch

Key Album:  GK




Jonathan Fritzen

Key Tracks:  This Way That Way, Temple of Dreams, The Standard

Key Album:  Diamonds



David Benoit

Key Tracks:  Freedom at Midnight, Drive Time, Kei's Song

Key Album:  Heroes



Brian Culbertson

Key Tracks:  On My Mind, You're My Music, Modern Life

Key Album:  Dreams



Gene Harris

Key Tracks:  Sittin' Duck, Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong, Everything Happens To Me

Key Album:  Gene Harris and The Three Sounds Live at the 'It Club'



Bob Baldwin

Key Tracks:  Summer Breeze, Stand Tall, I Wanna Be Where You Are

Key Album:  Standing Tall



Bob James

Key Tracks:  Bali Run (Fourplay), 101 Eastbound (Fourplay), Since I Fell For You

Key Album:  Fourplay



Joe Sample

Key Tracks:  Street Life (The Crusaders), Chain Reaction (The Crusaders), Spellbound

Key Album:  Spellbound



Ramsey Lewis

Key Tracks:  The "In" Crowd, So What You Wanna Do, I'll Always Dream About You

Key Album:  The In Crowd

Jeff Lorber

Key Tracks:  Ain't Nobody, Grasshopper, Do What It Takes
Key Album:  Kickin' It


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