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We are LIVE!

I am super excited to announce the official launch of
Soul Motivation Records!


We are open for business and have lots of great motivational products and services to offer!  First and foremost, is my brand new EP entitled "What Is Your Soul Motivation?"  This album is my first album of new songs in 14 years!  I am so proud of this music and can't wait for you to check it out.  You can get your copy now by clicking HERE!

We also have 2 brand new t-shirt designs available in our Soul Wear department!  They are super cool so be sure to check them out by clicking HERE!

Finally, our Creative Services division is up and running.  We will write your very own, original song that matches your brand and vision.  For more info on this very unique service, click HERE!

I am very excited to launch this company and I can't wait to see how together we will change the world one song at a time!

Take a look around and enjoy!

Chris Swan
Founder and CEO

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Pre-Order Now Available For "What Is Your Soul Motivation?" Digital EP!!

Be the first to get your digital copy of Chris Swan's new EP "What Is Your Soul Motivation" and save 20% by pre-ordering today!

You heard us right.  You can now pre-order your digital copy of the upcoming EP by Chris Swan!  The first album of new music released by Swan in over 14 years, "What Is Your Soul Motivation?" will be released at midnight June 1st 2017!  This 6 song EP features the theme of fighting negativity and finding your purpose in life.  Including the title song as well as tracks like "Start Again" and "Dreamer," this EP will lift you up as well as help you get down!


Did we mention you will save 20% if you pre-order today?!  Don't wait another second to assure you get your copy first.  This music is guaranteed to inspire you to accomplish the things you want to in your life.  Life is way too short to waste anymore time.  Grab your copy, listen, get inspired and start changing your life!



After purchase, you will receive a coupon as well as confirmation of purchase.  At 12:00am on June 1st 2017, you will be emailed a link to download your copy of the album.  The link will be good for 24 hours.  If for some reason, you are not able to get your download within 24 hours, you can just email us your coupon and you will be emailed a new link to download your copy.  Be sure to whitelist with your email server to assure your link doesn't end up in your spam folder.

So what are you waiting for?  Pre-order your copy today!  #WIYSM

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So where did Soul Motivation Records come from?  How did it begin?

This is a cassette tape.

This is a cassette tape.

I love music.  I have been a musician my whole life.  Since my first gig at the age of 12, I was hooked.  Even when I was still in single digits, I loved recording songs off the radio onto a cassette tape (remember those?) and I would play the tape over and over and over again while I sat at the piano and picked out the chords one note at a time.  Then once I figured it out, I would go in my room and record my own version of it onto my 4-track cassette recorder (remember those?).  After doing that for a few years, I started writing my own songs.  I got so excited by the creation process! To think I could make a song that said exactly what I needed to say out of thin air.  It was amazing.  And I knew I was going to be doing this for the rest of my life!

Or so I thought.

Being an adult is hard.  Once I got out of college, I toured with my band LP Outsiders for quite a few years.  But when that finally ended, I had to figure out how to make money.  Instead of getting a "real" job, I decided I would do whatever it took to make a living as a musician.  As it turns out, that meant learning a lot of other people's songs and playing them in bars for drunk people.  Now don't get me wrong, I had fun for a few years.  But after 15 years of doing that, I started to feel empty inside.  What is the point of just playing other people's songs?  Why am I not writing and performing my own music anymore?  That is what I got into music for.  It's weird how you can get to the point of feeling trapped very quickly and that's how I felt.  Trapped.  I was tired, depressed, fat and an alcoholic.  See the only thing that made gigs fun after a while was drinking.  So alcohol became my obsession instead of music.  It didn't take long until I felt completely defeated.

Then I turned 40.

Wow!  What a wake up call 40 was!  I had lived on this earth for 40 years and had almost nothing to show for it.  I didn't want any regrets on my death bed.  I wanted to live.  I wanted to create.  I wanted to help other people who felt trapped.  What was I doing?!  It was time for a change.

And that is when Soul Motivation Records began.  I knew I wanted to make my own music again.  But I also wanted my music to mean something.  I wanted to help people, inspire people.  I wanted to be the musical Tony Robbins.  I wanted to make motivational music that was dope music with an inspiring message.  Oh man, I could do this!  I could make a living creating music again!  Once I started to believe that, there was no turning back!

Starting a company is really hard.  Starting a music company is almost impossible.  All your friends will tell you why you can't make a living with music anymore.  Everyone will tell you it's way too much work.  People won't understand when you have to stay home to write a blog post instead of going out drinking with them.  You have to be ready to go against the flow.  Everyday.  But do you want to be like everyone else?  Miserable.  Doing what they think they are suppose to do.  Drinking every night so they have something to enjoy.

What Is Your Soul Motivation?  - EP

What Is Your Soul Motivation?  - EP

Nope.  Not me.

Now I have a company that helps people everyday.  I get to spend my days making awesome music in my studio.  And on June 1 2017, I got to release my first album of new material in over 14 years!  It's called "What Is Your Soul Motivation?" and I can't wait for you to hear it!  It's all about overcoming negativity and finding your purpose in life.  I'm so excited that I get to share this music with the world.  I also get to meet people who are hurting and help them find their soul motivation.  And when you get to see people start to see all the possibilities in their life and the sparkle come back into their eyes, well, that my friends is what it is all about.  I am so proud of Soul Motivation Records and so excited for the future.  We are just getting started so come along with us for the ride as we heal the world one song at a time!  #WIYSM

Chris Swan
Founder and CEO

P.S. "What Is Your Soul Motivation?" EP is available now!  Download your copy HERE!

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