rose garden

Rose Garden by Shad

You can't be mad or sad while you listen to Shad.


See, I'm a rapper so that rhymed.  But seriously, Shad is quickly becoming one of my new favorite rappers.  He has such an infectious, positive energy and never does that shine as bright as it does in his song Rose Garden.  Such a fun, sample-heavy jam.  The hook says it all:

I didn't promise you a rose garden along with the sunshine,
There's gonna be some rain sometimes, watch out.

There is going to be some rain sometime and it's important to be ready for it.  But after the rain, you can kick back and enjoy your rose garden.  No reason you can't have both.  So sit back, enjoy the rain and enjoy this happy jam by Shad.

Can't cower when the rain falls.

Lost?  Not sure where to go next?