songs for a bad day

Gratitude by Earth, Wind and Fire

Is there anybody on earth who doesn't like Earth, Wind and Fire?  When you combine funk, groove and a message of gratitude, you have got yourself a Song That Helps indeed!  


This song is such great, laid back funky tune.  I can put this on and cruise around all night long in my 2006 Chevy Malibu.  Windows down.  Breeze in my hair...ok, on my bald head.  Feeling good.  Happy.  Thankful.  Take a minute to listen to this tune and focus on all the amazing things you have in your life, whether big or small.  Maybe things are tough right now, but you are alive.  You are breathing.  You get the adventure of another day.  Be thankful.  And know you are never alone.  Earth, Wind and Fire will get you there every time.



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