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Rock Paper Podcast Take Two

I had the honor of hanging out with my buddy and one of the biggest music fans I know, Shane Presley, recently. He has a great podcast called Rock Paper Podcast. I was on his show way back when I started Soul Motivation Records in June of 2017 and recently was on to give some updates and chat about dope Christmas movies!

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The City Jazz Sessions Podcast

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Got a chance to hang with some cool cats on the City Jazz Sessions Podcast.  We walk music, motivation and even play a couple tunes live!  Click below to check out the Facebook Live video!

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Soul Motivation Records on The Cerebral Entertainment Podcast!

Soul Motivation Records on Cerebral Entertainment Podcast

I got the chance to hang out with James and Colt at The Cerebral Entertainment Podcast HQ a couple weeks ago!  These guys are great and doing big things!  Be sure to check them out on all social media platforms.  We had a great chat about music, the state of hip-hop and fax machines.  Take a listen!

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Chris Swan on Rock Paper Podcast!

Shane Presley is maybe one of the biggest music fans I know.  He does so much to support the local music scene in St. Louis.  The biggest way he does that is with his podcast "Rock Paper Podcast."  First of all, it's probably the best name for a podcast ever.  But secondly, it's a really entertaining and informative podcast if you are into music, comedy or just anything St. Louis.  Shane interviews all types of folk on the St. Louis scene and I had the honor to hang out with Shane and talk about playing in a band (Sky West Trio), making a living playing jazz, playing in piano bars and Soul Motivation Records.  It was a great hang.  You can check out the episode by clicking "Listen Now" below!

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