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The Lotus Project is a mentorship program that encourages young women to strengthen their inner selves in order to reach their full potential and to recognize their value and beauty.  It is built on the principles of sisterhood, inner strength, confidence, health, relationships, gratitude, and responsibility.  But most importantly, it is founded and run by a really good friend of mine and quite an amazing woman!

LaRissa Deemer Paras is a teacher at the secondary level and has been teaching for 17 years now.  She found a lot of her female students wanting to confide in her more and more about school, love, home life and more.  While engaging in more and more of these conversations, she realized a lot these young women were not just whining about teenage problems, but were dealing with some serious adult type issues.  Most of the time it came down to a matter of personal choice.  None of these girls could see that they had a CHOICE.  They didn't know they were worth fighting for and that a new mindset might make all the difference.

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The Lotus Project was born.


LaRissa, along with some other very compassionate women, do regular events with high school girls teaching them to love themselves and to embrace the values that will serve them the rest of their lives to be the best they can be.

We here at Soul Motivation Records (Creative Services Division) had the honor of writing a theme song for the Lotus Project!  We truly had a blast creating this song and worked hard to capture the vision and story of this wonderful group of ladies!  A big thanks to Jesse Garland for providing the wonderful vocals on this track!

The world needs more amazing women like this spreading a message of love and strength among young women.  If you are interested in getting involved with something similar in your area, here are some parting words of encouragement from LaRissa to her fellow female mentors:

"Mentors, you are making a difference in the lives of our young women.  What a gift you are giving to them - the gift of your time and your love!  The gift of finding their strength and their power in the world.  And trust me, you will grow right along your girls.  This is a thing of beauty!"

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