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How I Learned To Love Music Again

It's weird how being a musician can actually make you hate music.  That sounds crazy, right?  But it really does happen to a lot of musicians.  It happened to me.  And it made my life so miserable.  I knew that I needed to change that.  And quick!

Just hit the PLAY button below to see how I learned to love music again!

The Making Of "Music To Succeed To"

I thought it would be fun to pull back the curtain and show you some footage from the making of Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To album!"

Just hit the PLAY button below to check it out!

#WIYSM Video Series

Interested in learning more about Chris Swan's EP "What Is Your Soul Motivation?"  Check out our Facebook Live video series by hitting the button below.  Learn about the making of the EP (14 years in the making), stories behind the lyrics of the songs, the recording process, and much more!  Hosted by Chris Swan himself. 

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