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Glossy Soul's "Music to Succeed To" is now in iTunes and Spotify!


Hey everybody! I am super excited to announce that Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To" is now on iTunes and Spotify!  You can purchase your copy on iTunes and stream it all day long on Spotify!

Click one of the buttons below to take a listen!

Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To" is Here!

I am so excited to announce that Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To" album is here!  You can get your copy now by clicking this link:

Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To"

I had such a blast making this record.  I have wanted to make a smooth jazz record for years!  This album is what I call "Hip-hop Piano Jazz," which is just my term for smooth jazz piano music, but with a little more of a hip-hop production style. It is head-bobbing funky grooves with pretty piano melodies on top. It's catchy and fun, but also designed to evoke emotions in us that inspire us and encourage us to do amazing things in our lives!

Click HERE to get your copy now!

I think you will have as much fun listening to as I did making this record.  Also, if you want to listen to some of the tunes off the album before buying it, you will get a chance to do that before making a purchase!  So I hope you will click the "Buy Now" button below and check out Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To" today!

How I Learned To Love Music Again

It's weird how being a musician can actually make you hate music.  That sounds crazy, right?  But it really does happen to a lot of musicians.  It happened to me.  And it made my life so miserable.  I knew that I needed to change that.  And quick!

Just hit the PLAY button below to see how I learned to love music again!

The Making Of "Music To Succeed To"

I thought it would be fun to pull back the curtain and show you some footage from the making of Glossy Soul's "Music To Succeed To album!"

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What They Don't Tell You When You Want To Become A Musician

Being a musician is awesome but it comes with a lot of challenges.  I wanted to share a couple things I wish I knew when I was starting out.  

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What Is Glossy Soul? - A Facebook Live Event

Glossy Soul Coming 11/7/17

Join us on Facebook Live as we talk about Soul Motivation Records' upcoming release - Music To Succeed To by Glossy Soul! We will be discussing the inspiration behind the music, revealing the album artwork, and best of all, giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD to all that attend of the first Glossy Soul song to come into existence! Hip-hop fans as well as smooth jazz piano fans will not want to miss this!

DATE:  October 2, 2017