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Meet Bar Napoli: A Theme Song Success Story


Bar Napoli is one of the premier nightclubs in St. Louis!  And now they have their own custom-made theme song that matches the atmosphere and the clientele perfectly!  Every Friday and Saturday night, you are sure to hear the DJ's spin the song "Napoli" - a crowd favorite! 

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Everybody's favorite bartender Han!

Everybody's favorite bartender Han!

Bar Napoli was established in 2003 as an addition to Cafe Napoli by sons Ande and Kye Pietoso. Starting out as a place for their friends to gather, it quickly became the neighborhood hangout. Since then, Bar Napoli has become a staple in the night scene where people from all over come to hang out.  With great drinks and great atmosphere, it has become known as THE place to see and be seen.  Looking around the room at Bar Napoli is like looking at a whos-who of St. Louis movers and shakers! 

Bar owner Kye Pietoso approached Soul Motivation Records stating "I think Bar Napoli needs its own song!"  And he was right.  After giving a few details that he wanted to be included in the song, we went to work.  The result was a song called, what else, "Napoli."  It's a dancehall, hip-hop inspired jam that has been packing the dance floor at Napoli ever since!  Every weekend night, the DJs play "Napoli" as the first song of the night and also as the closer at the end of the night.  Patrons began hitting the dance floor just because they liked the groove.  But after hearing it a few times, they began to understand that "this song is about Bar Napoli!  The place we are at right now!"

Take a listen:  Just hit the play button ===>

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The people have really been responding as Bar Napoli has now been getting a reputation as "That place that has its own dance song!"

A custom-made theme song has really set Napoli apart from the crowd.  It's created a lot of excitement as well as creating a stronger emotional bond with its customers.  Music has a way of touching us on a deeper level.  When you combine that with a great brand like Bar Napoli, you have a winning combination that will keep the people coming through the door!

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